Telugu Baby Names – (2019 Updated)

We present to you over 1600 Telugu baby names for all you soon-to-be Telugu parents. Telugu names originate from different languages like Sanskrit, Tamil and ofcourse Telugu itself and presents us with a large variety of names to choose from.

Given below are the English spellings for the best telugu baby names we could find. The first half of the table contains only baby boy names and the second half contains baby girl names. We have also provided the meaning of every single name is the list.

Aabhas One’s sense Male
Aacharya A Teacher Male
Adarsh Ideal, Model Citizen, The sun Male
Aadavan The Sun Male
Aadhav Ruler Male
Aadrik Rising Sun Between Mountains Male
Aadvik Unique Male
Adyant Infinite Male
Adyot Praise Male
Aakash Sky Male
Anandit One who spreads Joy Male
Aanav Humane Male
Aarav Peaceful Male
Arnav Ocean Male
Ashrit Lord Vishnu Male
Avish Holy incarnation Male
Aayushman Long Life Male
Abhinav Innovative Male
Abhav Lord Shiva Male
Abhay fearless Male
Abhijay victorious Male
Abhijit Courageous Male
Abhilash Desire Male
Abhimanyu Son of Arjuna Male
Abhinay Expression Male
Abhiram pleasing Male
Abhishek Bathing the God Male
Abhyudh Good Learner Male
Acarya Teacher Male
Adarsh ideal Male
Adhit From the beginning Male
Adhrit One who doesnt need any support but supports everyone Male
Adhvait None like him Male
Adrish Infinite visionary Male
Adrush Like the rising Sun Male
Aditya Lord Surya Male
Agastya A saint in Hindu mythology Male
Agneya Son of Agni Male
Ajit Unconquerable Male
Ajay Success Male
Akarsh Attractive Male
Akhil Complete Male
Akhilesh Lord of the universe Male
Akrit Helping others Male
Akshan Eye Male
Akshansh universe Male
Akshay Immortal Male
Alankrit Decorated Male
Aman Peace Male
Amar The maker Male
Baban happy Male
Badri lord shiva Male
Bhanu right judgement Male
Bheem positive thinker Male
Bichu the great person Male
Binod joy Male
Bagath entire universe Male
Balaji lord vishnu Male
Balbir strong Male
Baldev the mighty god Male
Banshi flute Male
Bhagat devotee Male
Balagopal child krishna Male
Baladitya young man Male
Balanath lord of strength Male
Balram krishnas brother Male
Bhanuprakash sunlight Male
Bhanuprasad gift of sun Male
Bharadwaj A sage Male
Bharani high achiever Male
Bharathwaj a gotra of hindus Male
Bhargav Lord shiva Male
Bharuk Responsible Male
Bhaskar The sun Male
Bhaswath never ending Male
Bhavamanyu creator of universe Male
Bhavan creator Male
Bhavesh lord of the world Male
Bhavinsh king Male
Bhavyesh lord shiva Male
Bhevin winner Male
Bhirav one of the forms of shiva Male
Birju nice singer Male
Brijendra krishna Male
Briyaan high hill Male
Birbal brave heart Male
Brahmadutt dedicated to brahma Male
Budhil learned,wiseperson Male
Bipin forest Male
Bimb halo Male
Birendra lord of warriors Male
Bisaj lotus Male
Bodhan kindling Male
Brahmaanand supreme joy Male
Brahmabrata ascetic Male
Boudhayan name of a sage Male
Brahma creator of universe Male
Brijesh god of the land of brij Male
Buddhadev wise Male
Brijraj one who rules the nature Male
Chane dependability Male
chiru little Male
ceyone rising sun Male
chanak father of chaanikya Male
chandu moon Male
chanti a small kid Male
charak an ancient physician Male
charan a humble person Male
chatur clever Male
chenna lord vishnu Male
cheran moon Male
cherry sweet Male
chetan perceptive Male
chikku sweet Male
chiman   Male
chinar name of beautiful tree Male
chinna little one Male
chintu sun,small Male
chirag lamp Male
chaarun peaceful Male
chaitan consiousness Male
chakran same as lord vishnu Male
chakrit brilliant Male
chandak the moon Male
chandan cold Male
chander moon Male
chandra night of twilight Male
charish grace Male
charvik nature Male
chethan charming Male
chinmay pride Male
chirayu immortal Male
chitesh lord of soul Male
chyavan name of the saint Male
chyohan nothing like Male
chakresh lord vishnu Male
chanakya the wise one Male
chandran the moon Male
chanyana moon Male
charuhas a person with beautiful smile Male
cheliyan rich Male
chhandak The Charioteer of Lord Buddha Male
chhayank moon Male
chiranth eternal Male
chithayu born of intellect Male
chitresh wonderful lord Male
chaitanya knowledge Male
chakradev lord vishnu Male
chandresh lord of moon Male
charanjit one who has won over the god Male
dev immortal Male
daha very bright Male
dasu sacrificing Male
deep superior to infinity Male
dron prominent mahabarata character Male
daasu powerful Male
dahak destroyer Male
daksh perfect being Male
daman one who controls Male
danta calm Male
danuj born of danu Male
darsh lord krishna Male
darun hard as wood Male
daruk chaioteer of krishna Male
datta granted Male
dattu great friend Male
dayal kind hearted Male
devaj from god Male
devin poet Male
dhanu man of wealth Male
dheer gentle Male
dhruv faithful Male
dhyan concentrate Male
david beloved one Male
dilip a king Male
dipen lord of light Male
divit immortal Male
druva a star name Male
duran durable Male
dabeet warrior Male
daitya non aryan Male
daiwik by the grace of god Male
daksha talented Male
danish to be clever Male
danvir charitable Male
darpak god of love Male
deepit brighted Male
deeran achiever Male
devang part of god Male
devank godly Male
devdas servant of god Male
devesh kind Male
devraj king of gods Male
devrat spiritual Male
dewesh god of god Male
dharma law Male
dharsh lord krishna Male
Darsh Lord Krishna Male
dhawal white colour Male
dhevan godly Male
esh god Male
eshan shining Male
eswar god Male
eknath king Male
eeshawk lord shiva Male
eshanth lord vishnu Male
ehan expectedr Male
ekesh emperor Male
ekish primal god Male
ethan strong Male
ettan breath Male
edhit grown Male
ekansh whole Male
fani snake Male
fatik crystal Male
fenil name of french flower Male
fanish the cosmic serpent shesh Male
fravash guardian angel Male
fanindra cosmic serpent shesh Male
fanishwar lord of serpents Male
francis free Male
geon intelligent Male
gagan heaven Male
gaman progressive Male
gatik fast Male
guhan god Male
gupil a secret Male
gyaan knowledge Male
ganesh the legend Male
gaurav pride Male
gautam lord buddha Male
girish god of mountain Male
gopesh lord krishna Male
govind lord krishna Male
guneet excellent Male
gunith virtuous Male
gambhir serious Male
happiness Male
gaurang Fair Complexioned Male
geetham krishna Male
grihith accepted Male
gunakar an ancient king Male
gurmeet friend of guru Male
granthik astrologer Male
geeshwanth happiness Male
heer diamond Male
himu snow Male
hamir raga Male
harit lion Male
hasit happy Male
harsh happiness joy Male
hasan laughter Male
heeman golden Male
hanush happy Male
hardik from heart Male
havish fire Male
heshal cool person Male
hemank precious diamond Male
hriday heart Male
hriman wealthy Male
hrishi pleasure Male
harshil joy full Male
hurditya joyous Male
hrithvik happy Male
hiren god of diamods Male
hiral wealthy Male
hrishi pleasure Male
haksh eye Male
harin pure Male
hetash energy Male
heyan little red talker Male
hirav greenery Male
hishal gifted Male
hiten heart Male
hrihan gods choosen one Male
iham expected Male
ihith prize Male
iraj lord hanuman Male
induj mercury planet Male
inesh king of kings Male
ishan lord shiva Male
ishith one who desires to rule Male
ishat superior Male
idanth luminous Male
ikshan sight Male
ishayu full of strength Male
ibhan lord ganesh Male
iravan king of oceans Male
itish such as lord Male
ivaan glorious gift Male
Indraneel Emerald Male
Induj Planet Male
Indulal Moon’s luster Male
Induleksh the Moon Male
Indumal Moon’s luster Male
Indushekhar Shiva Male
Inganam Knowledge Male
Inkit To keep in mind Male
Innah Inside Male
Inoday Sunrise Male
Ipsit Desired Male
Iqbal Prosperity Male
Iraj Lord Humayun Male
Iraj Lord Hanuman Male
Iraja Born of the wind Male
Iravan King of ocean Male
Iravat Rain clouds Male
Iravat Rain clouds Male
Irfan Wisdom Male
Irya powerful Male
Ishaan Lord Shiva Male
Ishana Another name of lord Vishnu Male
Ishaq Laughs Male
Ishar God Male
Ishat Superior Male
Ishayu Full of strength Male
Ishir Another name of Agni Male
Ishir Agni Male
Ishit One who desires to rule Male
Ishwar Powerful, God Male
Ishya The Spring Season Male
Ismail God will listen Male
Isuka Arrow Male
Iyad A big mountain Male
jai victory Male
jeev alive Male
Jagan Universe Male
Janak king Male
janav proecting man Male
jatin saint Male
jatan nurturing Male
javin fast Male
jayin conqueror Male
jihan world Male
jimit to win others heart Male
jainil victory of blue Male
jaival life giving Male
juhith brightness Male
jaishva krating victory Male
jasveer hero of fame Male
jvitesh god Male
jagath world Male
jeeval full of life Male
jivin to give life Male
jahnu a rishi Male
jaitik victory Male
jaivik pure & devine Male
jalark the image of sun Male
jazim great & famous Male
jeshan clear Male
jyesh victorious Male
kian king Male
kunsh shinning Male
karnik judge Male
kauthik joy Male
kamal perfection Male
kapil lovely Male
karan a warrior Male
karun compassionate Male
kaval dark skinned Male
kavan poem Male
ketan dwelling Male
krish attraction Male
kulik well born Male
kunal anything Male
kuvar fragrance Male
kanish caring Male
kartik brave Male
kashik sentiment of love Male
kethan pure gold Male
kirtan form of worship Male
kishan lord krishna Male
kritik well starred Male
krunal simple Male
kushal clever lord rama Male
kushil uncourteous Male
kashyap saint Male
khushal happy Male
kireeti another name of arjun Male
koushik love and affection Male
kushanth fire Male
khemchand welfare Male
koundinya sage Male
kritikumar famous Male
kashwin star Male
kasish lord shiva Male
kaushal clever Male
laksh target Male
lalit attractive Male
latif gentle Male
lohit soft heart Male
lucas bringer of light Male
luhit name of a river Male
lalith sharpness Male
lathik very powerful Male
lavith lord shiva Male
likith written Male
Lakshminath Lord Vishnu Male
lochan the eye Male
lokesh king of world Male
loshith lots of love Male
lohitaksh lord vishnu Male
lavan handsome Male
lehan one who refuses Male
lemar talented one Male
lukesh king of the empire Male
moh love affection Male
maan heart mind Male
mani jewel Male
meer cheif Male
madhan god of love Male
Madin Delightful Male
madur bird Male
magan endorsed Male
mahaj a nobel descent Male
mahin earth Male
mahir expert Male
mahit honoured Male
makul bud Male
makur mirror Male
manan mind Male
manav man Male
manth thought Male
manyu love mind Male
maral swan Male
mayon a black god Male
mehul rain Male
mihir sun Male
mikul comrade Male
milap union Male
milun union Male
misal example Male
mitul equal to friend Male
mohak attractive Male
mohul attractive Male
moksh salvation Male
mudil moonshine Male
mukul bud Male
madhav sweet Male
mahant knowledge great Male
mahish king Male
mahtab light of moon Male
malhar lord shiva Male
maneet soul Male
manjul handsome Male
mannan thinking Male
manvit human Male
mayank lucky Male
mehith always smiling Male
mitesh one of few desires Male
mithun gemini couple Male
nava very true boy Male
neel blue Male
neil champion Male
nish cute Male
nrip king Male
nadal fortunate Male
nadir pinnacle Male
naksh feature Male
nakul lord shiva Male
naman respect Male
namit modest Male
nanak first sikh guru Male
narad indian saint Male
narsi poet Male
narun leader of men Male
naval wonder Male
navin new Male
nayan eye Male
nehal rainy Male
nigam treasure Male
nihal happy Male
nihan morning Male
nihar dew drop Male
niket home Male
ninad sound Male
nipun expert Male
niraj lotus flower Male
niral unique Male
nirav quiet Male
nirek superior Male
nitin brave Male
nived purity Male
nairit south west Male
naitik regular Male
nandak pleasing Male
navnit fresh butter Male
nihant never ending Male
nihaal knowledge Male
nikunj bower Male
nimish lord vishnu Male
ninith good look Male
nirmal kindness Male
nirvan liberation Male
nishal no end Male
nishik lotus flower Male
nithish night lord Male
ohas praise Male
ojas shine Male
omav disciple of god Male
omesh lord of the om Male
omkar lord ganesha Male
ompati master of om Male
oviyan artist Male
omswaroop manifestation of divinity Male
ojayit courageous Male
oorjit powerful Male
omar an era Male
omna pure Male
oneesh lord of mind Male
prem love Male
param being supreme Male
pavak Pure Male
pavan breeze Male
pavit pure Male
pawan wind Male
phani snake Male
pujit worshipped Male
punil beautiful Male
punit good Male
paavan purifier Male
pankaj awesome Male
pathik A traveller Male
piyush elixir Male
prabal strong Male
prabhu god Male
prabir hero Male
pramod happy Male
pranad lord vishnu Male
pranav intelligent Male
pranay romance Male
prasad blessing Male
pratap dignity Male
pratik shadow Male
pratul plenty Male
praval strong Male
pravan modest Male
praver chief Male
pravin expert Male
praven vishnu Male
pritam lover Male
prabhas lustrous Male
prabhat morning Male
pradeep shine Male
prahlad peaceful Male
prakash bright Male
prateek symbol Male
praveen experienced Male
priyank loved one Male
priyesh loved by god Male
prudhvi earth Male
prahalad bliss Male
pratyush confident Male
preetham sweet Male
pavan tej hanuman Male
phanindra the divine snake Male
prabhakar one who gives light Male
prashanth calm Male
Raj Ruler Male
Ram Charming Male
Ragy Up to date Male
Raju The king Male
Ramu A single legend Male
Rana Warrior Male
Ravi Intelligent Male
Ripu Enemy Male
Raghu Leader Male
Rahas Secret Male
Rahul Efficient Male
Rajan king Male
Rajat courage Male
Rajit Decorated Male
Rajiv Lotus flower Male
Raman Beloved Male
Ratan Precious stone Male
Ratul Loveable Male
Ravit Sun Male
Revan Wonderful Male
Ricky Ruler Male
Rishi Sage Male
Rohak Rising Male
Rohan Increasing Male
Rohit Sufficient Male
Ronak Ambitious Male
Ronav Handsome Male
Ronit Brilliant Male
Rudra Sun Male
Rupin Embodied beauty Male
Rachit A Sage Male
Rishik Invention Male
Raghav Lord rama Male
Rajesh Emperor Male
Ramesh The preserver Male
Ramtej Bright Male
Ranesh Lord shiva Male
Ranjith Victorious Male
Rasesh Lord krishna Male
Rathik One who rides a chariot Male
Ratish Cupid Male
Reeyan Door oof heaven Male
Renaud Wise power Male
Renesh Lord of love Male
Rishik Diamond Male
Ritesh Lord of truth Male
Saadar Thoughtful Male
Saadhik Winner Male
Saadhin Work Male
Saagnik One who wins the fire Male
Saahas Brave Male
Saahat Strong Male
Saahil Sea shore Male
Saakash Illumination Male
Saaksh True Male
Saamanth Universal whole Male
Saanjya Unique Male
Saaras Swan Male
Saavanth Employer Male
Saavyas Bring together Male
Saayan Dynamic Male
Sacheth Joyful Male
Sachiv Friend Male
Sadhil Perfect Male
Sakshik Witness Male
Samarjith Winner of the battle Male
Samhit A vedic composition Male
Samiksh Near to sun Male
Samvar Content Male
Samvid Knowledge Male
Sanish Sun Male
Satyak Honest Male
Shanyu Kind Male
Shanyuth Benevolent Male
Sharav Pure Male
Sharul Shark Male
Sharvil Lord krishna Male
shashin Moon Male
Saunak Boy sage Male
Savith leader Male
Sasthav Lord ayyappan Male
Satyah Truth Male
Satyavir Truthful Male
Sasang Attached Male
Sashreek Prosperous Male
Sakash Illumination Male
Sakhya Friendship Male
Shrihan Lord Vishnu Male
Samik Peaceful Male
Samich Ocean Male
Samhit Secret text Male
Smit Smile Male
Svar Lord vishnu Male
Sagan Lord shiva Male
Sahat Strong Male
Taalank Another name of shiva Male
Taalish Lord of earth Male
Takshak A cobra Male
Talank Auspicious Male
Tanak Prize Male
Tanish Ambition Male
Tanoj Son Male
Tansh Beautiful Male
Tarank Saviors Male
Taraswin Brave Male
Tautik Pearl Male
Tavish Heaven Male
Tejul Brilliant Male
Thejas Bright Male
Toshin Satisfied Male
Trigun The Three dimensions Male
Trupal Chanchal Male
Turang A thought Male
Tushith Satisfied Male
Tanav Flute Male
Tanay Son of wind Male
Tanuj son Male
Tanip sun Male
Tarak star Male
Taral liquid Male
Taran Raft Male
Tarik One who crosses the river of life Male
Tatya Lord shiva Male
Tijil Moon Male
Timin Large fish Male
Tanish Jewel Male
Tanmay Absorbed Male
Tanush Lord ganesh Male
Tavish Ocean Male
Thevan Goldy Male
Tirtha Holy place Male
Toshan Satisfaction Male
Trijal Lord shiva Male
Trilok Three worlds Male
Tanvish Lord shiva Male
Turanyu Swift Male
Trishar Pearl necklace Male
Trikesh King of 3 lokas Male
Thakarshi Lord krishna Male
Thavanesh Lord Shiv Male
Trilochan One of higher knowledge Male
Taarank Part of a star Male
Tanak prize Male
Trijal Lord shiva Male
Uday To rise Male
Udit Grown Male
Umed Hope Male
Udant Correct message Male
Ujwal Active Male
Udbhav Rising with glory Male
Udjith Lord vishnu Male
Urvish Lord of earth Male
Utanka A disciple of sage veda Male
Uddiran Lord vishnu Male
Unnath High Male
Upang Act of anointing Male
Upjas Divine Male
Urav Excitement Male
Urvaksh joyful Male
Ushas Dawn Male
Uthira Nakshatra Male
Utsah Anxiety Male
Unnabh Highest Male
Upanay Leader Male
Upeksh To neglect Male
Urmiya Lord of light Male
Uttank Cloud Male
Ulhas Delight Male
Utkarsh Prosperity Male
Vyas Arranger Male
Vudhip Encourage Male
Vrishin Peacock Male
Vrishank Lord shiva Male
Viyan Pride Male
Vivin Will power Male
Vivaan Genius Male
Vams Family Male
Vithun Vishnu Male
Visvash Faithful Male
vishvak A sage Male
Vishrudh Shiva Male
Vishant lord vishnu Male
Vishvank sai Confident and intelligent Male
Vishakh Lord shiva Male
Vinil Blue Male
Viraj Intelligent Male
Vinesh Goldy Male
Vinan Sky Male
Vilok To see Male
Vikranth Powerful Male
Vikhyaat Viseshamaina kyathi Male
Vihas Great smile Male
vihar Lord shiva Male
Vihaan Flying high Male
Vidvan Scholar Male
Vidit Lord indra Male
Vidhur Skillful Male
Vibhav Friend Male
Vibhas Shine Male
Vedik Knowledge Male
Vedhanth King Male
Vedeth Good narrator Male
Vedant Holy wisdom Male
Varun Neptune Male
Varshith Year Male
Vardan Lord shiva Male
Vanshi Flute Male
Vagish Lord bhrama Male
Vadish Lord of the body Male
Vadin Speaker Male
Vachan Promise Male
Vaayu Wind Male
Vahin Lord shiva Male
Vitul King Male
Varish Lord vishnu Male
Vasur Precious Male
Veer Brave Male
Waman Short Male
Wasan Idol Male
Wali Protector Male
Wedant King of all Male
Yug Age Male
Yogi Sage Male
Yagya sacrifice Male
Yagav Bright Male
Yagna Sacrifice Male
Yajat Lord shiva Male
Yamir Moon Male
Yatin Ascetic Male
Yojit Planner Male
Yovan Young Male
Yugma Twins Male
Yuvek Little prince Male
Yatish success Male
Yashwin Fame Male
Yekanth Unique Male
Yaachan Prayer Male
Yaaj Lord shiva Male
Yaashk Sacrificing priest Male
Yakshin Living Male
Yashil Success Male
Yugank End of era Male
Yukt Prosperous Male
Yuval Brook Male
Yuvin Leader Male
Zev Wolf Male
Zaiyaan Bright and graceful Male
Zavian bright and graceful Male
Zitin Shining star Male
Zahin Great Male
Zayin Hebrew alphabet Male
Aadia A gift Female
Aadhira The Moon Female
Aadya The earliest Female
Abhya Towards the fire Female
Adeela Equal Female
Akruti Nature Female
Alka Girl with a Lovely Hair Female
Amla Goddess of Wealth Female
Ania Grace Female
Arya Noble in Sanskrit Female
Asha Hope Female
Aashi Love Female
Acira Fast Female
Aditi The Earth Female
Akira Graceful Strength Female
Akuti Princess Female
Amara Immortal One Female
Amita Limitless Female
Alokhya Light of God Female
Anika Goddess Durga Female
Anita Leader Female
Archa Worship Female
Arati Worship Female
Astha Faith Female
Aarini Adventurous Female
Aasini Smile Female
Adrika Celestial Female
Ahilya Maiden Female
Akhila Brilliant Female
Alaina Dear Child Female
Alakya A Painting Female
Ananya Limitless Feeling Female
Anisha Pure Female
Aparna Precious Gemstone Female
Arushi First Ray of Sun Female
Asmita Glories Female
Ayanna Royal Female
Ayusri Long Life Female
Aishini Goddess Lakshmi Female
Ashitha Love Female
Adivitha Form the Beginning Female
Animisha No Blinking of the Eyes Female
Anshutha Sunlight Female
Aradhana Worship Female
Archisha A Ray of Light Female
Adhini Determined nature Female
Adriti Durga Female
Advika World Female
Aahna Exist Female
Aanamra Modest Female
Aanavi Kind to people Female
Anaya God has shown favour Female
Aaniya Lord Hanuman Female
Aanvi Kind Female
Aara Light bringer Female
Aarna Goddess Laxmi Female
Aaria Worshipped Female
Adhya Lord Ganesha Female
Aasha Faith Female
Akira Bright Female
Aliya Superior Female
Aloka Faultless Female
Aloki Brightness Female
Amala Goddess Laxmi Female
Amani One who shows the path Female
Anika Goddess Durga Female
Ansha Portion Female
Anshu Sunrays Female
Aaria Worshipped Female
Abinaya means expressions Female
Aditi Worshipped Female
Aaria mother of gods Female
Adrima Dark Female
Aditrii Highest Honour Female
Advita One or Unique Female
Ahanta Pure Female
Akanksha Desire Female
Ananya Different from Others Female
Ania grace Female
Aniha Indifferent Female
Anisha Close,Good Friend Female
Ariyana Giver of life Female
Arpitha Dedicate Female
Bani Goddess Sarawathi Female
Bela A Flower-jasmine Female
Bina Musical Instrument Female
Beena Clear Sighted Female
Belli Silver Female
Bhini Humid Female
Bhuvi Bliss Female
Bindu Drop,Point Female
Briti Strength Female
Baanvi Victory Female
Babita Polite Female
Barsha Rain Female
Baruni Goddess Durga Female
Bhagya Fortune Female
Bharti Goddess sarawathi Female
Bhavna Feelings Female
Bhavya Splendid Female
Bhindu Drop of Water Female
Binita Modest Female
Brinda King of Princess Female
Brithi Ray of Light Female
Brunda Goddess of Basil Female
Basanti Of spring Female
Bavitha Future Female
Bharani A Nakshatra Female
Bhavana Emotions Female
Bhavani Goddess Female
Bhavika Well-Meaning Female
Bhrithi Cherished Female
Bhumika Earth Female
Bhaamini Wife Female
Bruthika Baseline Female
Babita Little girl Female
Bhandavi Who loves Friends& Relationship Female
Banita Teenager Female
Benisha Flashing Female
Bhavika Cheerful Expression Female
Bidya Knowledge Female
Bhamini A Beautiful, short tempered lady Female
Bryn Honored Female
Brijabala Daughter of Nature Female
Bimala Pure Female
Bhuvana Earth Female
Bandhura Pretty Female
Banhi Fire Female
Basabi Wife of Lord Indra Female
Bairavi Goddess Durga Female
Bahuganda One with lot of scent Female
Chami Good Female
Chiti Love Female
Chaaya Shadow Female
Chahna Like Female
Chaity Awake Female
Champa A Flower Female
Charil Brightness Female
Charme Attractive Beauty Female
Charmi Beauty Female
Charvi Lovely Female
Chervi Wife of Kubera Female
Chhavi Reflection Female
Chinni Cute,Sweet Female
Chitra Art Female
Chunni Star Female
Cauvery River Female
Chaitra Usually the Month of Ugaadi Female
Chameli Jasmine Female
Chandni Moonlight Female
Chanika Smartness Female
Charani Goddess Saraswathi Female
Charita Past Story Female
Chetana Sensation Female
Chethra Intelligence Female
Chritha Charming Female
Chalitha Cute Female
Chanasya Pretty Female
Chandana Parrot Female
Chandika Like Moon Female
Chandini A River Female
Charanvi Beautiful Female
Charitha One Having a Very Clean Character Female
Chaturya Clever Female
Chitrani River Ganga Female
Chitrani River ganga Female
Chitrita Picturesque Female
Chaitrika Spring Season Female
Chanchita Great Female
Chandrika Glowing Moon Female
Chandrima Moonlight Night Female
Charishma Lot of Good Will Female
Charmitha Like History Female
Charulata Beautiful Creeper Female
Charumathi Beautiful Female
Charusila Beautiful Jewel Female
Charvitha Clever Female
Chaytrika Very Clever Female
Cherishma Bright Female
Cherishya Good Intelligence Female
Chitrathi A Bright Chariot Female
Chetraneka Artist Female
Chitrakshi Colourful Eyes Female
Chandratara The Moon and Stars Conjoined Female
Charuprabha Beautiful Female
Chutki Little One Female
Cinthana Alwaya Smiling Female
Chara Quiet and Frisky Female
Chakika Lakshmi Female
Charita Good Female
Dia Divine Female
Devi Kindness Female
Diti Idea Female
Devi Goddess Female
Deena Spear Ruler Female
Deepa Light Female
Dhita Beloved Daughter Female
Disha Direction Female
Divia Focus Female
Divya Divine Female
Driti Courage and Morale Female
Daksha Skilled One Female
Damini Lightning Female
Dhanvi Money and Wealth Female
Dhitya Courage Female
Dyuthi Sunshine Female
Danisha Star Female
Darpana A Mirror Female
Deeksha Initiation Female
Deepali Intelligent Female
Deepika Dedicated Female
Deepthi Glow,Bright Female
Dhamini Focus Female
Dhishta One who shows the way Female
Dhrithi Visualize Female
Dhruthi Courage Female
Damyanti Beautiful Female
Darshini One who Blesses Female
Dayanita Tender Female
Deaarshi Goddess Lakshmi Female
Deeptika A Lamp Female
Dharanya Earth Female
Druvisha A Star Female
Deekshita Initiation Female
Deepsitha Moonlight Female
Diviya Sree Pure Female
Deena Divine Female
Deenal Sweet Girl Female
Drishya Sight Female
Drisana Daughter of Sun Female
Diya Lamp Female
Divija Skill Female
Dalaja Born in Heaven Female
Divyana Divine Female
Eashtha Beloved Female
Eesha Purity Female
Eeshani Close to God Female
Eeshika Dart Female
Eeshta Beloved Female
Eila The Earth Female
Eilin Champion Female
Ekadhana A Portion of Wealth Female
Ekansha Complete Female
Ekta Unity Female
Elina Brilliant Female
Emily Eager Female
Eshita One who Desires Female
Edhitha Progressed Female
Ekisha One Goddess Female
Eshana Life Female
Eshika Arrow Female
Ernika Sunlight Female
Farha happiness Female
Freya Noble Female
Falguni Grater Flower Female
Fulki Spark Female
Freny Foreigner Female
Gamya Destiny Female
Gamini Silent Female
Ganavi Singer Female
Gunj Sound Female
Gaatri Gayatri Female
Gamana Mover Female
Gandha Fragment Female
Gauhar Pearl Female
Girita Gracefull Female
Gitika Small Song Female
Gnanavi One with Knowledge Female
Ganvitha Independent Female
Gitali Melodious Female
Gul Flower Female
Hanu Happy and Joy Female
Hita Lovable Female
Hiya Heart or Mind Female
Havya Beautiful and Happy Female
Hiral Wealthy Female
Hanshu Happiness Female
Harmya Palace Female
Hasika Smiling Female
Havana Pray to God Female
Hradha Lake Female
Hamsika Beautiful Swan Female
Hansini Swan Female
Harusha Happy and Joy Female
Hiranya Golden Female
Hradini Light Female
Hrithka Truthfull Female
Haiya Heart or Mind Female
Harvi Worthy Female
Hesha Complete Female
Hetika Sun Rays Female
Hetini Sunset Female
Hetvi Love Female
Hiya Heart or Mind Female
Hithi Love & Care Female
Hrida Pure Female
Hrishika Vllage of Birth Female
Hrithavi Right Guidance Female
Hruthi Love Female
Isha One Who Protects Female
Idika Earth Female
Ihina Enthusiasm Female
Ihitha Desire Female
Iksha Sight Female
Inika Small Earth Female
Iniya Sweet Female
Ishya Spring Female
Ipsitha Desired Female
Ikshitha Visible Female
Ivanka Gracefull god Female
Idhitri One who praises Female
Ikshana Sight Female
Ishnavi Goddess for Knowledge Female
Itkila Fragment Female
Iyla Moonlight Female
Inska One who has no Enemies Female
Ithika Endless Female
Jiya Sweet Heart Female
Jaina Gift of God Female
Jenya True Female
Jitya Victorious Female
Jodhya Princess Female
Jisha Person having highest feeling of living Female
Josya Delightful Female
Jagavi Born from World Female
Jhalak Spark Female
Jivika Life Source Female
Jaswitha Smile Female
Jigisha Superior Female
Jignasa Academic Curiosity Female
Joshika Elder Female
Jagvi Worldly Female
Jyena Princess Female
Jeswitha Smile Female
Juana Gift of God Female
Keya A Monsoon Flower Female
Kajal Black Female
Kajol Eye Liner Female
Kamya Beautiful Female
Kavya Poem Female
Kriti Flower Female
Kruthi Creation Female
Kushi Happiness Female
Kusum flower Female
Karuli Innocent Female
Kashvi Shining Female
Keerti Glory Female
Komali Tender Female
Krithi Work of Action Female
Kshiti Earth Female
Kunjal Nightingle Female
Kyathi Fame Female
Kalpita Imagined Female
Kalyani Blessed Female
Kanmani Precious like an Eye Female
Karunya Merciful Female
Kashika The shiny one Female
Kiranya Money Female
Kirtana Praise Female
Krithya Action Female
Kritika One Star Female
Krutika Creature Female
Kshirin Flower Female
Kshirja Goddess Lakshmi Female
Kanishka Gold Female
Kareshma Miracle Female
Khushboo Nice smell Female
Kiranmai Light Female
Krishanthi Flower Female
Kyra Lord Female
Kusuma Flower Female
Lata Creeper Female
Lola Lady of Sorrows Female
Lopa Weaver Female
Ladhi Sangeet Female
Lasya Graceful Female
Latha Sweet like Flower Female
Laxmi Goddess of Wealth Female
Leela Amusement Female
Leena Tender Female
Lekya Write Female
Leora Light Female
Linda Pretty one Female
Lithi Beautiful Female
Livya I am with God Female
Lahari Waves Female
Lalasa Love Female
Lalini Smooth Female
Lohita Ruby Female
Loukya Worldly wise Female
Lalitya Loveliness Female
Lochana Bright eyes Female
Loukika Intelligent Female
Lakshita Successful Female
Larisa Cheerful Female
Lathika Small Creeper Female
Lunasha Beauty and Brightness of Flowers Female
Maha Shining Female
Mahi World Female
Mala Necklace Female
Maya Illusion Female
Meha Intelligent Female
Mili Meeting Female
Mina Love Female
Mita Friend Female
Mona Adviser Female
Madri Wife of pandu Female
Maghi Giving Gifts Female
Maina Bird Female
Maiya Mother Female
Malka Queen Female
Mansi Intellect Female
Manvi Humanly, peace of mind Female
Manya To Agree Female
Marya Mark Female
Mayil Full of grace Female
Mayra Moon Female
Mehak Sweet Smell Female
Mehal Cloud Female
Meher Moon Female
Minal Precious Stone Female
Minnu Sky Female
Misha Smile Female
Misri Loving Female
Monal Amazing Female
Mithi Truthfull Female
Mudra Expression Female
Muktha Pearl Female
Mynah Bird myna Female
Maanya Respected one Female
Magana Engrossed Female
Mahija Born with praises Female
Mahika Friend Female
Mahima Miracle Female
Mahira Expert Female
Mahiya Lover Female
Maitri Friend Female
Makshi Honeybee Female
Malaya Creeper Female
Mahila Strong Female
Malina Tower Female
Manali Cute Female
Manavi Humanity Female
Manayi Wife of Manu Female
Medhya Mighty Female
Mihika Mist Female
Mikula Beauty Female
Milika Desiring union Female
Mitali Lovely Female
Moksha Salvation Female
Molina Tree that grows from root Female
Mrinal Lotus Female
Muniya Name of God Female
Muskan Smile Female
Magathi Great Female
Malvika Who lived in Malva Female
Neha Perfect Female
Niha Beautiful Female
Nina Love hope Female
Nija Truthful Female
Nira Juice Female
Niti Rules Female
Niya Friend Female
Naija Daughter of wisdom Female
Nakthi Night Female
Najma Star Female
Namya To be bowed to Female
Nauka Boat Female
Nehal Rainy Female
Netra Eyes Female
Nidhi Wealth Female
Nirja Lotus Female
Nivya Freshness Female
Naisha Special Female
Naksha Map Female
Nalika Lotus Female
Nanaki Sister of nanaka Female
Nayana Most beatiful eyes Female
Naviya New one Female
Neelam Blue diamond Female
Nihira Treasure Female
Nihitha Glory Female
Nikhara Collection Female
Nilima Blue Female
Nirali Unique Female
Nirupa Bright Female
Nishka Pure Female
Nishna Professionally skilled Female
Nithika Angel of precious stone Female
Niyathi Luck fate Female
Nrithya Dance Female
Nainika Pupil of the eye Female
Nishita Alert Female
Nityapriya Ever pleasing Female
Neeta Upright Female
Neeti Policy Female
Neetu Simple Female
Nisha Perfect Female
Nishi Alert Female
Nitya Everyday Female
Nipuna Perfect Female
Nithya Eternal Female
Nandana Happiness Female
Nidhipa Treasure Female
Nihasvi Happy Female
Nikhila Complete Female
Nishchala Constant Female
Nitya Ever present Female
Niti Ethics Female
Neharika Few drops Female
Nikhita Earth Female
Navya Young Female
Naveena New Female
Omala Earth Female
Omaja Result of spiritual unity Female
Omika Kind Female
Oviya Artist Female
Ojasvi Bright Female
Omisha Goddess of birth Female
Oorjitha Powerful Female
Odathi Refreshing Female
Orpitha Offering Female
Puja Prayer Female
Padma Lotus Female
Panya Glorious Female
Parul Flow of water Female
Pavni Holy Female
Payal Ornament Female
Preet Love Female
Prita Dear one Female
Priti Bonding Female
Priya Kind Female
Purvi From the earth Female
Paayal Anklet Female
Parina Fairy Female
Poonam Merit Female
Poorvi A classical melody Female
Prabha Shine Female
Prachi Intelligent Female
Pragna Knowledge Female
Pragya Wisdom Female
Prahya God gift Female
Prajna Knowledge Female
Pranvi Special Female
Pranya Has vedic origin Female
Prapti Gain Female
Preeta Loved one Female
Preeti Love Female
Prerna Giving Inspiration Female
Prital Loved one Female
Pritha Unique Female
Punita Holy Female
Pushpa Beautiful Female
Padmini Lotus pond Female
Pallavi Time Female
Parmita Wisdom Female
Parnavi New leaf Female
Parnika Small leaf Female
Parnita Auspicious Apsara Female
Pavitha Pure and dignified Female
Poojita Respectable Female
Pragnya Scholar Female
Pravina Skilled Female
Pratigya Pledge Female
Prithika Flower Female
Priyanka Beautiful Female
Priyusha Lovely Female
Padmavati Goddes lakshmi Female
Ria Singer Female
Raji Shining Female
Rani Queen Female
Reha Star Female
Renu Atom Female
Riha Fragrance Female
Rime Rhyme Female
Rina Peace Female
Rita Child of light Female
Riti Culture Female
Ritu Season Female
Riya Singer Female
Roja Pretty Female
Ruhi Soul Female
Rupa Beauty Female
Ruth Companion Female
Radha Success Female
Raima Pleasing Female
Ramya Delightful Female
Ranya Delighted Female
Rashi Cute Female
Rasmi Beam of light Female
Rasya Flower name Female
Ratna Gem Female
Reema Gem Female
Reena Artistic Female
Reeta Pearl Female
Rekha Artwork Female
Richa Chants Female
Risha Beauty Female
Ruchi Luster Female
Rukma Golden Female
Rachna Construction Female
Ragini A melody Female
Rajani Peaceful Female
Ramani Beautiful girl Female
Rambha Celestial Flower Female
Ramita Pleasing Female
Ranita Tinkling Female
Reethi Manner Female
Renuka Moonlight Female
Reshma Sweet Revenge Female
Reshmi Silky Female
Sana Prayer Female
Sara Pure Female
Shri Respect Female
Siya Light Female
Sachi Truth Female
Saija Princess Female
Sahya A name of a mountaian in India Female
Safia Chaste Female
Sahja Natutal Female
Sanvi Beauty Female
Sasha Defending men Female
Sasya Rain Female
Satvi Existence Female
Saura Celestial Female
Shari Arrow Female
Shiya Bright Female
Sloka Hymn Female
Smita Smiling Female
Sriha Flower Female
Sriya Prosperity Female
Stuti Praises Female
Swara Tune Female
Saanvi Rainbow Female
Sahiba The lady Female
Sahila Guide Female
Saikya Good Female
Sajani Loving Female
Sakina Friend Female
Sakshi Witness Female
Samika Peaceful Female
Samira Cool breeze Female
Samita Collected Female
Samiya Incomparable Female
Saniya Radiant Female
Sarani Protecting Female
Saumya polite Female
Shayna Beautiful Female
Shreya Lucky Female
Snigda Affectionate Female
Sonika Daughter of sun Female
Srisha Flower Female
Saanvika Goddess Lakshmi Female
Sharanya Peaceful Female
Srithika Simple Female
Sudiksha Goddess lakshmi Female
Samriddhi Prosperity Female
Shanitha Goddess lakshmi Female
Taalika Palm Female
Tannaya Night Female
Taania Daughther Female
Tajagna Brilliant Female
Takshika Bliss Female
Tamalika Belonging to a place full of tamal Female
Tanaya Daughter Female
Tanavi Attractive Female
Tanika Rope Female
Tanima Slenderness Female
Tanishi Goddess durga Female
Tanishka Daughter Female
Taniya Fairy Queen Female
Tanmaya Absorbed Female
Tansi Beautiful Princess Female
Tanuka Slenderness Female
Tanushri Beautiful princess Female
Tanusiya A Great Devotee Female
Tanvisree Beautiful princess Female
Tapani The River Godavari Female
Thanmayi Ecstacy Female
Thansi The Princess Female
Thapasya Meditation Female
Tharanika God for earth Female
Tharika Grouplets of stars Female
Tharani Enabling to crossover Female
Tharisha Wish Female
Thaswika Goddess parvati Female
Thirtha Holy water Female
Thiya Gift of god Female
Thraya Three Female
Tisya A star Female
Titiksha Patience Female
Tiyasa Silver Female
Toshika clever child Female
Thariti Durga Female
Tridiva Heaven Female
Trupti Stiltedness Female
Tushika Snowfall Female
Twarita Fast Female
Twisha Bright Female
Tapasya meditation Female
Uma Fame Female
Urmi Wave Female
Utsa Spring Female
Ubika Growth Female
Umika Goddess parvathi Female
Udipti On fire Female
Udyati Elevated Female
Ujhala Light Female
Ujwala Bright Female
Urpala Lotus Female
Ujwala Bright Female
Udantika Great Female
Unjali Blessing Female
Upada A gift Female
Upeksha To neglect Female
Utsuka Excited Female
Utsavi Festivals Female
Unnathi Progress Female
Uttara Daughther of king virata Female
Urva Cover Female
Urvi Earth Female
Usri River Female
Ushma Heat Female
Udgita A hymn Female
Utkala Excellence Female
Urshita A confident person Female
Ushasri Goddess of dawn Female
Udita One who has risen Female
Urjita Energetic Female
Ushashi Morning Female
Utsavi Festivities Female
Udisha First rays of the new dawn Female
Unnika Wave Female
Vari Water Female
Veda Truth Female
Vedi Knowledge Female
Vina Beloved Female
Vagmi Good speaker Female
Vajra Diamond Female
Vanhi Fire Female
Vanya Flute Female
Varya Form Female
Veeha Peace Female
Venya God gifted Female
Vidhi Method Female
Vyaka River Female
Vyoma Bird Female
Vyomi Goddess of space Female
Vahini Flowing Female
Vedika Altar Female
Veksha Tree branch Female
Venika Holy river Female
Vibhali Young Female
Vidula Moon Female
Vidita A goddess Female
Vinaya Silent Female
Vinika Winner Female
Virika Bravery Female
Viyona Sky Female
Vrisha Cow Female
Vritti Nature Female
Vainavi Gold Female
Vandita Adored Female
Varnika Pure gold Female
Veeksha Vision Female
Venisha Dedicated Female
Vibhuthi Wealth Female
Vidisha Smile Female
Vidushi Learned Female
Vijitha Winner Female
Vikansi Goddess lakshmi Female
Vindhya Knowledge Female
Vinisha Leader Female
Vishaka Stars Female
Vividha Strange Female
Vrithika Thought Female
Vanshika Flute Female
Veechika Ripple Female
Vaathika Garden Female
Valika Diamond Female
Vanani Forest Female
Wali Protector Female
Warda Rose Female
Waheeda Sole Female
Wajeeha Eminent Female
Wamika Goddess durga Female
Yema Our joy Female
Yahvi Earth Female
Yajna Fire Female
Yashi Fame Female
Yatee Durga Devi Female
Yukta Idea Female
Yadavi Goddess durga Female
Yahavi Bright Female
Yamika Night Female
Yami Restrainer Female
Yamika Night Female
Yashvi Fame Female
Yayati Wanderer Female
Yaghna Sacrifice Female
Yuthika Flower Female
Yuvika Young women Female
Yashika Famous Female
Yashita Winner Female
Yashwini Successful Female
Yaadavi Goddess durga Female
Yagavi Bright Female
Yagnitha Worship Female
Yasha Fame Female
Yashika Success Female
Yasthi Slim Female
Yaswitha Success Female
Yatri Traveller Female
Yavana Youth Female
Yousha Women Female
Yahvi Heaven Female
Yashila Famous Female
Ziya Light Female
Ziana Bold Female
Zena Ornament Female
Zaara Bright as dawn Female
Zoya Shining Female
Zara Lady Female

Last updated: 19th September, 2019.

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