Tamil Baby Girl Names – (2019 Updated)

We present to you a giant list of over 1000 Tamil Baby Girl names for your soon-to-be daughter. Name plays a big part of their identity for every individual and you want to make sure you choose just the right name for your beautiful daughter. We have presented the names with their English Spellings the respective meaning for each word. We keep updating the list whenever we come across new names and their meanings.

Tamil is a beautiful language spread over different countries in the South Asia. If you think Tamil is restricted to India, you’re wrong. Tamil is also spoken in Sri Lanka, Maldives and Singapore to name a few. Sanskrit and other Dravidian tongues influence Tamil language too and you can see the same in the list below.

If you’re looking for a name for your Tamil baby boy instead, please refer to this post.

Name Meaning Gender
Anu Atom Female
Adya Unparalleled Female
Anju One who Lives in the Heart Female
Anya Inexhaustible Female
Asha Hope Female
Asin Pure Female
Aahna Exist Female
Aarti Form of Worship Female
Aditi Mother of God Female
Ahana First Ray of Sunrise Female
Ahila Worldly Female
Akila Intelligent Female
Aksha God’s Blessing Female
Anika Goddess Durga Female
Aruna Lovely Female
Aruvi Water Falls Female
Abisri Godless God Female
Advika Unique Female
Ahalya Wife of Rishi Gautam Female
Akalya Wish Female
Ameera Leader Female
Amisha Most Beautiful Female
Amrita Immortality Female
Amulya Priceless Female
Anagya Durga Female
Anaiya She who Brings Sunshine Female
Ananya Inalienability Female
Anisha Pure Female
Anusha The Universe Female
Ariana Pledge Female
Arushi First Ray of Sun Female
Ashana Daughter of Bali Female
Ashini Lightning Female
Akshara Letter Female
Akansha Lovable Female
Alekhya Which cannot be Written Female
Anishka Who has Friends Female
Arshiya Sky Female
Ashrita Helpfully Female
Anupriya Beloved Female
Archisha A Ray of Light Female
Arshitha Blessed Female
Avantika Princess of Ujjain Female
Amirthini Add Meaning Female
Aninditha Virtuous Female
Aninthika Immortal Female
Aishwariya Wealth Female
Amrithavarshini The Rain Female
Aakriti Shape Female
Aanandita the happy one Female
Aarohi A music tune Female
Achala steady Female
Achira very short Female
Alakananda name of a river Female
Anaamika name of ring finger Female
Anarghya priceless Female
Babita Little Girl Female
Bageshri An Indian Musical Raag Female
Bhavi Emotional Female
Bahugandha One with lot of scent Female
Bhavika Cheerful expression Female
Bahula Cow, Kritika nakshatra Female
Baijanti / vaijanti Name of flower Female
Bhavini Emotional Female
Bairavi Goddess Durga; Music Female
Baka Crane Female
Bakul Flower name Female
Bakula Nagakeshar flower Female
Bhavini Emotional, Beautiful Lady Female
Bala Damsel Female
Bhavna Good Feelings, Emotions Female
Balamani Youthful Female
Bandhura Pretty Female
Bhavya Grand, Splendid Female
Banhi Fire Female
Bani Goddess Saraswati Female
Banmala A Garland of wild flowers Female
Banni Maiden Female
Bansari Flute Female
Barkha Rain Female
Barsha Rain Female
Baruni Goddess Durga Female
Basabi Wife of lord Indra Female
Bhagirathi The Ganges Female
Bhagwanti Lucky Female
Bhagwati Goddess Durga Female
Bhavya Grand, Splendid Female
Bhagyashri Goddess Lakshmi, Lucky Female
Bhagyawati Lucky Female
Bhairavi Goddess Durga; Musical raaga Female
Bhawna Feelings Female
Bhakti Prayer Female
Bheema Goddess Durga Female
Brinda Tulsi Female
Bhooma Earth Female
Bryn Strong, Female
Bhamini A Beautiful, short tempered lady Female
Bhoomi Earth Female
Bhuvana The Earth Female
Bulbul Nightingale Female
Bhuvi Heaven Female
Bijal Lightening Female
Bipasha A River Female
Bijli Lightening Female
Bimala Pure Female
Bimbi Glorious Female
Charu Attractive Female
Chaya Beauty; Shadow Female
Canisa Very Dear Female
Carina Dear Little One; Darling Female
Cavery Name of a River in India Female
Chandira Moon Female
Charitha Good Female
Champa A Flower Female
Chandi Goddess Chamundeshvari Devi Female
Charmy Lovely Female
Charvi Lovely; Beautiful Woman Female
Chetna Power of Intellect; Alert Female
Chhavi Reflection Reflection Female
Chitra Art; Nakshatra Female
Cauvery Name of a River Female
Chandni Star; Humble; Light Female
Chandra Moon Female
Chandri Illuminating Female
Charisa Elk Female
Chatura Clever Female
Chayana Moon Female
Chellam Pampered Female
Chinmai Name of Lord Ganesha; Beauty Female
Chintan Meditation Female
Chithra Painting Female
Cithara Beautiful Female
Cynthia Moon Goddess Female
Chaitali Born in the Month of Chaitra Female
Chakrika Goddess Laxmi Female
Chanchal Spontaneous Female
Chandana Sandalwood; Parrot Female
Chandani Star Female
Chitrani River Ganga Female
Cinthana Always Smiling Female
Catherine Pure; Innocent; Torture; Sweet and Strict Female
Chaindavi Goddess Lakshmi Female
Chaitanya Consciousness Female
Chanchala Unsteady; Lakshmi Female
Chithirai Name of the First Tamil Month Female
Chorselvi Person with Wealth of Words; Eloquent Woman Female
Christina Anointed; Anointed Christian; Form of Christopher; Female
Christine Follower of Christ Female
Chandanika Diminutive Female
Chandrayai Goddess Luxmi Female
Charukeshi one with Beautiful Hair Female
Charulekha Beautiful Picture Female
Charumathi Beautiful Mind Female
Chathurika Clever Girl Female
Chellakili Pet Parrot Female
Chellamani Precious Gem Female
Dhanvi Money Female
Dhanya Thankful; Lucky Female
Dhanyata Success, fulfilment Female
Diksha Initiation Female
Dharini Earth Female
Disha Direction Female
Dharitri the Earth Female
Dharnitha Earth Female
Dharti Earth Female
Dharuna Supporting Female
Dhatri Earth Female
Daksha Earth; Wife of Lord Shiva Female
Dakshayani Goddess Durga Female
Dalaja Honey Female
Damini Lightning Female
Dhruti Motion Female
Damyanti Beautiful Female
Darika Maiden Female
Dhriti Patience Female
Darpana Mirror Female
Darshana Observation Female
Daya Kindness, mercy, pity Female
Dheeptha Goddess Lakshmi Female
Dayamayi Merciful Female
Dayanita Merciful Female
Dayita Beloved Female
Devishi Chief of the Goddesses Female
Deborah Queen Bee Female
Deepa A lamp Female
Devina Like a Goddess Female
Deepakala evening time Female
Devika Goddess Female
Deepal Light Female
Deepali Collection of lamps Female
Devi Goddess Female
Deepaprabha light of lamps Female
Deepashikha the flame of a lamp Female
Deepavati a raagini which is a hybrid of Deepak Female
Devkanya Divine damsel Female
Deepika little light Female
Deepshika Lamp Female
Deepta luminous, glowing, bright Female
Devashri yagya, divine beauty Female
Deepti glow, shine Female
Deeta A Name for Goddess Lakshmi Female
Deetya Answer of Prayers Female
Deleena Good Looking Female
Demira Devotee of Lord Krishna Female
Desna Offering Female
Deveshi Goddess Durga Female
Ecchumati A river Female
Edha Sacred Female
Eesha Goddess Parvati;Purity Female
Eila the Earth Female
Eiravati lightening, Ravi river Female
Ekaa Goddess Durga Female
Ekaja only child Female
Ekani One Female
Ekanta Devoted girl Female
Ekantika singly focussed Female
Ekaparnika Goddess Durga Female
Ekta Unity Female
Ela Earth Female
ElamPirai Young Crescent Female
Elavarasi Princess Female
Elil Beauty Female
Elilammal Beautiful Girl Female
ElilArasi Beautiful Female
ElilChelvi Beautiful Girl Female
Elili Beautiful Female
ElilKani Beautiful as a Fruit Female
Elilmangai Beautiful Girl Female
ElilMani Beautiful Gem Female
Elilnangai Beautiful Girl Female
ElilVili Beautiful Eyes Female
Elina pure, intelligent Female
Elisai Seven Musical Notes Female
ElisaiChelvi Seven Musical Notes Female
ElisaiValli Seven Musical Notes Female
Esha Desires and Pleasures Female
Eksha Rational Female
Eta Luminous Female
Elina Pure; Intelligent Female
Elisa Dedicated to God Female
Eliza Unique; Precious Female
Ellie Foreign; Famous Warrior Female
Emily To Strive; Excel Oath Female
Enaya Forgiveness Female
Erina Beautiful Lady Female
Esaki Goddess Female
Eshal The Name of Flower in the Heaven Female
Ezhil Beautiful Female
Ezzah Respect Female
Eimaan Faith Female
Eashani Goddess Parvathi Female
Eashita One who Desires Female
Easwari Strength Female
Eeshani Goddess Parvati Female
Eeshika Good Female
Eeswari Another Name of Lalithamba Female
Farah Glory Female
Fatma The Prophet Mohammad’s Daughter Female
Fahima Intelligent Female
Fatima The Prophet Mohammad’s Daughter Female
Firoza Turquoise Female
Falguni Grater Flower Female
Farzana Intelligence Female
Fathima Holy Female
Faloni In charge Female
Fenna Guardian of peace Female
Fenny Cool Female
Foolan Flowering Female
Girisha Goddess Parvati Female
Geet Song Female
Gina Well Born Female
Gini Gold Coin Female
Gira Language Female
Gita Hindu Holy Text Female
Gopi Woman who Loves Cows Female
Guna Good Character Female
Ganga Sacred River of India Female
Gargi An Ancient Scholar Like One of Lord Buddha Female
Geena Silvery Female
Geeta Holy Book of the Hindus Female
Gowri Goddess Parvati Female
Gulab Rose Female
Gagini Goddess Female
Gajara Garland of Flowers Female
Gamini Goddess Parvati Female
Gangai River in India Female
Ganika Flower Female
Gazala A Deer Female
Geetha Holy Book of the Hindus Female
Gemine Third Sign of Zodiac Female
Geshna Singer Female
Ghadah Beautiful Female
Ghazal Poem Female
Girija Goddess Parvati Female
Gitika Small Song Female
Gnalam The World Female
Gnanam The Bhagvat Gita Female
Gopika Girls who Loves Lord Krishna Female
Greyna Beautiful Female
Gunjan Humming Female
Gajalya Goddess Name Female
Ganitha Regarded Female
Gathika Song Female
Gaurika A Young Girl Female
Gautami Wife a Sage Gautam Female
Gayatri Singer Female
Githika A Small Song Female
Gomathi Pure Female
Gomathy King of Beauty Female
Grhitha Understood and Accepted Female
Gandhali Fragrance of Flower Female
Gandhara Fragrance Female
Gandhini Fragrant Female
Garthika Beautiful Female
Gayathri Good Character Female
Geethika A Song Female
Genvisha Truthful Princess Female
Ghaliyah Fragrant Female
Ghaniyah Pretty Girl Female
Giribala Goddess Parvati Female
Godavari Sacred River of India Female
Gourangi Fair Female
Gowsalya A Place Where Cows are Kept Female
Gowshika Girl of Good Virtues Female
Gowthami The River of the India Female
Heathuri Study Godess Female
Hari A Colour Female
Heer Generous Female
Hema Gold Female
Hemi Golden Female
Hiba Gift Female
Hima Ice Female
Hina Henna Female
Hira Diamond Female
Hamsa Bird Female
Hania Grace Female
Hansa Swan Female
Hasna Beautiful Female
Havva Wind Female
Heema Gold Female
Heena Henna Female
Heera Diamond Female
Helen Torch Female
Hemal Golden Female
Husna Beautiful Female
Habiba Form of Habib Female
Halima Patient Female
Haniya Pleased Female
Hannah Gracious Female
Harika Lord Vishnu Female
Harina Deer Female
Harini Beautiful Like Deer Female
Harita Green Female
Harsha Happiness Female
Haruni Messenger-ship Female
Haseen Beautiful Female
Hasina Good Female
Hasini Happy Female
Hasita Happy Female
Heesha Hasmukh Female
Hemali To Bring Wealth Female
Hemari Love Female
Himaja Goddess Parvati Female
Himali Ice Female
Himani Goddess Parvati Female
Homika Buddy Female
Hradha Lake Female
Haasini Always Smiling Female
Haleema Gentle Female
Hamsika Beautiful Swan Female
Hamsini One who Rides a Swan Female
Hanisha Beautiful Night Female
Haniska Grace Female
Hansika Swan Female
Hansini Swan and Beautiful Lady Female
Imani Trustworthy Female
Inbam Capable Female
Inbha Happiness Female
Iniya Sweet Female
Insol Sweet Words Female
Ishva A Spiritual Teacher Female
Ishya Spring Female
Idhaya capable Female
Indira Goddess Lakshmi Female
Indiya Knowledgeable Female
Induja Narmada River Female
Inimai Sweet Female
Innila Moon Female
Inrani Spouse of Lord Indira Female
Ishana Rich Female
Ishani Goddess Durga Female
Ishaya One who Protects Female
Ishika Sacred Female
Ishita Mastery Female
Isvari The Goddess Female
Ilanila Young Moon Female
Ilarasi World Princes Female
Indraja Daughter of Indra Female
Indrani Wife of Indra Female
Inimoli Sweet Voice Female
Iniyaal Sweet Female
Innisai Melody Music Female
Insuvai Sweet Female
Ipshika Desire Female
Iravati Ravi River in India Female
Ishanya North East Female
Ishitha Mastery Female
Ishwari Goddess Female
Iswarya Gold Female
Ilaagiya A Classic Female
Ilakkiya A Classic Female
Ilamathi Young Moon Female
Ilamayil Young Peacock (Peahen) Female
Ilavenil Spring Female
Indukala Moonlight Female
Indulala Moon Light Female
Iniyaazh Sweet Person Female
Iniyaval Sweet Female
Inkurali Sweet Voice Female
Iraimani Divine Gem Female
IsaiKani Ultimate Music Female
IsaiNila Music with Nila (Moon) Female
Ishanika Belonging to the North East Female
Ishwarya God’s Prosperity Female
Iyalisai Music Female
Ilampirai Young Crescent Female
IlaNangai Youthful Girl Female
Ilanguyil Kuyil is a Bird with Melodious Voice Female
Ilavalagi Young and Beautiful Female
Ilavarasi Princess Female
Illavenil Spring Female
Inbavalli Happy Girl Female
Jaya Victory Female
Jeya Victory Female
Jina Name; One’s Self Female
Jivi Life Female
Jiya Sweet Heart; Life Female
Jalpa Discussion; River Female
Janki Another Name of Goddess Sita Female
Jansi Life-like Female
Janya Born Life Female
Jenny Fair; Soft Female
Jigna Intellectual Curiosity Female
Jinal Lord Vishnu Female
Jisha The Person Having the Highest Feelings for Living Female
Jothi Light Female
Jashvi One who Gets Credit Female
Jasmin Fragrant Flower Female
Jayana Bringer of Victory Female
Jayani A Sakti of Ganesha Female
Jayati Victorious Female
Jayita Victories Female
Jaanavi Mother; Genga Female
Jagathi Of the Universe Female
Jagruti Awareness; Awakening Female
Jahnavi Water; River Ganga; Simple Female
Jaishna Clarity Female
Jameela Beautiful Female
Jamilla Lovely Female
Jaminie Flower Female
Jamunah River; God’s Gift Female
Jananee The Mother Female
Janatha Lord of People Female
Janhavi River Ganga Female
Janisha Di-speller of Ignorance Female
Janitha Born Female
Jasmira Scents of the Forest Female
Jayanti Goddess Parvati; Victorious Female
Jayasri Goddess of Victory Female
Jayathi Victorious Female
Jeevana Life Female
Jemisha Queen of Night Female
Jenisha Preety Girl Female
Jershni Cute Female
Jerusha Married; Possession Female
Jessica Warrior Female
Jigisha Superior Female
Kadal Sea Female
Kajal Black; Eyeliner Female
Kajol Eye Liner; Mascara Female
Kavi Poem; Poet; A Wise Person Female
Kili Parrot Female
Kalai Wrist Female
Kamna Desire Female
Kanan Garden; Dark Forest Female
Kavya Name of Goddess Saraswati Female
Kawya Poetry in Motion; Female
Kayal Name of a Fish Female
Kecia Alive and Well Female
Koddi Slender Stem of a Creeper Female
Kolam Soft Female
Komal Preety Female
Kosha Cashier Female
Kripa Mercy; Kind Female
Kriti A Work of Art Female
Kriya Performance Female
Kugan Lord Shiva Female
Kunju Like a Little Bird Female
Kusum A Flower that Lord Krishna Likes Female
Kuyil Cuckoo Bird; Sweet Voice Female
Kaasni Flower Female
Kaavia Full of Imagination Female
Kaavya Poetry in Motion Female
Kahini Story; Young Female
Kajali Collyrium Female
Kajori Goddess Parvati Female
Kakoli Chirping of Birds at Dawn Female
Kalika A Bud; Name of a Godess Kalli Female
Kallai Artful Female
Kamala Flower Female
Kamali Spirit Guide Female
Kamana Desire Female
Kaaveri One of the Major Rivers of India Female
Kamili Perfection Female
Kamini Full of Love Female
Kanaga Gold Female
Kanaka A Flower Female
Kanchi A Waistband Female
Kanika Small Female
Kantha Name of a God Female
Kapila Name of the Celestial Cow Female
Karuna Sympathy;Mercy Female
Kashni Special Female
Kashvi Shining; Goddess of Luck Female
Lata Creeper Female
Laya Musical Rhythm Female
Laila Sweetheart Female
Lila Good Female
Lina Alive Female
Lisa Oath of God Female
Lasya Graceful Female
Latha Divine Wine Female
Laura Crowned with Laurels Female
Laxmi Goddess of Wealth Female
Layla Dark Beauty Female
Layla Dark Beauty Female
Leela Divine Drama Female
Leena A Devoted One Female
Leila Dark as Night Female
Lekha Writing Female
Lilly Lily Female
Linga Gender Female
Lisha Full of Mystery Female
Lucky Luckiest Female
Lahari Waves Female
Laksha Aim Female
Laksmi Goddess Female
Lalima Beauty Female
Lalita Beautiful Woman Female
Lasiya Smiley Face Female
Latika Related to Rose Female
Lavani Grace Female
Lavika Grace Female
Lohita Red; Ruby Female
Lolita Ruby; Sorrows Female
Lonika Goddess Laxmi Female
Lovena Affection Female
Lakshmi Goddess Female
Lakshya Aim Female
Lalitha A Woman Female
Lathika Elegant; Happiest Person Female
Lavangi An Angel Female
Lavanya Pretty Female
Likitha Writer; Writing Female
Linisha Intelligent Female
Linusha Intelligent Female
Lirisha Beautiful Angel Female
Maha Gazelle Female
Mani Gem Female
Maya Illusion Female
Meha Intelligent Female
Mela Dark Female
Mina Love Female
Mona Solitary; Adviser; Female
Maina A Bird Female
Maiya Mother Female
Malli Jasmine Flower Female
Mamta Mother’s Love Female
Manju Pleasant Female
Manna Heavenly Female
Mansi Plucked Flower Female
Manvi Humanly Female
Manya To Agree Female
Margi Traveller Female
Marya Mark Female
Mayra Moon Female
Medha Intelligent Female
Meena Precious Stone Female
Meera Light Female
Megha Cloud; Rain Female
Mehak Sweet Smell; Aura Female
Mehal Cloud Female
Meher Benevolence Female
Mouni Silent Female
Mudra Healing Hand Movement Female
Mukta Get Rid of Everything Female
Mukti Freedom from Life and Death Female
Mynah Bird Myna Female
Maanya The Respected One Female
Madhul Sweet Female
Madina Land of Beauty Female
Madira Nectar; Wine Female
Mahati Great Power Female
Mahija Born with Praises Female
Mahika Friend Female
Mahima Greatness Female
Mahira Superemely Talented Female
Mahita Greatness; A River Female
Maitri Friendship Female
Makshi Honeybee Female
Malati A Creeper with Fragrant Flowers Female
Malika A Garland; Flower Female
Malina Tower; Dark Female
Malini Sweet Female
Mamata Love Female
Manaka According to the Mind Female
Manali Cute Female
Manana Meditation Female
Nila Moon Female
Nima To Adjust; To Measure Female
Nimi Friend of Fire Female
Nina Love Hope; Full of Grace Female
Nira Consisting of Water Female
Nisa Night; Beauty Female
Nita With in Rules Female
Niti Rules; Morality Female
Nachi Fire Female
Nadia Caller Female
Naina Eyes; Name of a Goddess Female
Namya To be Bowed to Female
Nancy Full of Grace Female
Nandu Lord Krishna Female
Naomi Enjoyment Female
Neeta Upright; Night Female
Nehal Intelligent; Beautiful Female
Nesha Night; Music Female
Netra Eyes Female
Nidhi Giving Nature Female
Nikki Victory of the People Female
Niral Calm Female
Nirja Goddess Lakshmi Female
Nirma Neat; Clean Female
Nisha Night; Perfect; Quite Female
Nishi Alert; Getting Stronger Female
Nitha Carried; Red Female
Nithi Destiny Female
Nitya Everyday Female
Nadira Rare; Precious Female
Nadiya Hope; Generous; Successful Female
Naimah Delight Female
Naisha Special Female
Nakula Goddess Parvati Female
Nalika Lotus Female
Nargis Flower Female
Narine Victory Female
Navami New Female
Navika New Female
Neethu Clear Female
Neriya Having Good Character Female
Nihara Snow Drop; Waterfall Female
Nikara Collection Female
Nikita Victorious; Unconquerable Female
Niksha Victorious Female
Nilani Enchanting Moon Female
Nilima New Flower Female
Nitika Angel of Precious Stone Female
Nivita Creative Female
Ovya Artist; Beautiful Drawing Female
Oviya Artist; Beautiful Drawing Female
Ovyaa Women who Adores Painting Female
Olivia Olive Tree Female
Onania A Glow of Red Diamond Female
Oviyam Beautiful Art Female
Olikodi Brilliant Female
Olimani Brilliant Female
Onalika The Daugher of Natraj Female
Oormila Daughter of King Janaka of Mithila; Female
Oppilaa Unique Female
Olichudar Brilliant Female
Oliyarasi Brilliant Female
Pari Angel; Fairy Female
Pavi Lightning Female
Pihu Chirp Female
Padma Goddess Lakshmi Female
Palak Eyelashes Female
Panbu Character Female
Parul Graceful Female
Pavai Young Lady Female
Pechi Pears Female
Pirai Beautiful Female
Ponnu Gold Female
Pooma Calm Female
Pravi Incredible Female
Prema Love Female
Pricy New Female
Prita Dear One Female
Priti Love Female
Puspa Flower Female
Paavai Beautiful Girl Female
Padmaa Draupadi Female
Parivu Affliction Female
Pavana Sacred Female
Polivu Beauty Personified Female
Poonam Merit Female
Poorna Complete Female
Prabha Bright Female
Pragya Wisdom Female
Prajna Knowledge Female
Prasha Love Female
Pratha Trend Female
Preeti Love Female
Prerna Giving Inspiration Female
Prisha West Female
Prathista Beloved Female
Pritha Unique Female
Pugazh Fame Female
Punita Pure Female
Purani Fulfilling Female
Pushpa Beautiful Female
Pallavi Intelligence in Mind Female
Palnila Beauty Female
Papitha Little Girl Female
Parmita Wisdom Female
Parvini Festival Female
Paveena Freshness Female
Pavitha Pure and Dignified Female
Poorani Lot of Goodness Female
Praagya Wisdom Female
Pradnya Wisdom Female
Pragati Progress Female
Ragi Loving Female
Rani Queen Female
Reha Star Female
Renu Earth Female
Reva Sweat Heart Female
Rhea Rhea Female
Rima Gem Female
Rina Beloved Female
Rita Child of Light Female
Riti Well Being Female
Ritu Season Female
Riya Graceful Female
Roja Pretty Female
Roma Lofty Female
Rosa Truthful Female
Rosy Beautiful Female
Ruhi Soul Female
Rupa Beauty Female
Ruth Friend Female
Raisa Leader Female
Rajvi Beautiful Female
Ranya Pleasant Female
Rashi Cute Female
Ratna Precious Stone Female
Reema Gazelle Female
Reena Reborn Female
Reeta Pearl Female
Reina A Queen Female
Rekha Beauty Female
Reshu Pure Soul Female
Richa Goddess Saraswati Female
Rimpy Pretty Female
Risha Purity Female
Ritul Talented Female
Roopa Full of Life Female
Ruchi Interest Female
Rutvi Wish Female
Rachna Creative Art Female
Radika Prosperous Female
Rafika Female Friend Female
Ragavi Beautiful Female
Rajani Peaceful Female
Rajika Lamp Female
Rajita Brilliant Female
Ramila Lover Female
Ramini Beautiful Girl Female
Ramita Pleasant Female
Ramyaa Beautiful Female
Ranita Lovely Tune Female
Sri Intelligent Female
Sada Pure One Female
Sama Similarity Female
Sana Brilliance Female
Sara Excellent Female
Sera Burning One Female
Shri Lustre Female
Sima Precious Thing Female
Simi Gracious Female
Siya Blessingss Female
Sneh Love Female
Sony Beauty Female
Sree Happy; Radiance; Prosperity Female
Subi One with Simplicity Female
Suha Rejoicing Female
Sumi Good; Friendly Female
Safia Pure; Best Friend; Female
Saina Cute Princess Female
Sajni Beloved Female
Salma Beautiful Woman Female
Sanvi Beauty Female
Sanya Beneficent; Fortunate Female
Sarah Princess; Lady Female
Sashi Talented Female
Sathu Soft Mind Female
Selva Charming Female
Selvi Prosperous Daughter Female
Sesha Good Behaviour Female
Shama Flame Female
Shami Peace Female
Shiny Glorious Female
Shoba Beauty Female
Shree Prosperous Female
Siara Pure; Holy Female
Sirin Rich; Victory Peace Female
Smita Smiling Female
Sneha Love; Affectionate Female
Sofia Knowledge Female
Sonal Soft Hearted Female
Sonia Name which Brings Happiness Female
Sreya Excellent Female
Sriya Prosperity; Simplicity; Lovable Female
Subha Splendour; Beauty Female
Sudar Beautiful Female
Swara Self Shining Female
Swati Precious Drop Female
Sweta Fair Complexioned Female
Saanvi Rainbow Female
Sabiha Beautiful; Graceful Female
Sabina Beautiful Female
Sadhvi Virtuous Woman; Simplicity Female
Tabu Army Female
Tanu Body Female
Tara Hill Female
Teja Radiant Female
Teji Bright Girl Female
Tena Follower of Christ Female
Tiya A Bird Female
Taini Happy Female
Tania Fairy Princess Female
Tanvi Delicate Female
Tanya Beautiful Eyes Female
Trishana Thirst Female
Thara Wealth Female
Tiara Life Female
Trishala Mother of Lord Mahavir Female
Trina Daughter Female
Tanvee Pure Female
Tulsi Sacred Plant Female
Turya Spiritual Power Female
Taanvi Prosperity Female
Tajana Princess Female
Tamara Spice Female
Tamili Tamil Girl Female
Tamira A Spice or Palm tree Female
Tanaya Fathers Princess Daughter Female
Tanika Rope Female
Tanisi Goddess Durga Female
Tanuja Goddess Female
Tanuka Slender Female
Taraka Star Female
Tarana A Musical Composition Female
Tarani Goddess Earth Female
Tarika Starlet Female
Tarini Goddess Parvati Female
Taruni Young Girl Female
Tearra Beautiful and Talented Female
Tharisha Wish Female
Thogai Beautiful Feathers Female
Thooya Pure Female
Thusha Sings and Dance Female
Tirtha Holy Place Female
Tishya A Star Female
Towsar Underflow Female
Trisha Noble Woman Female
Trusha Thirst Female
Tulasi A Sacred Plant Basil Female
Tvisha Sunshine Female
Udantika Satisfaction Female
Udaya dawn Female
Udbala Strong Female
Udichi One who grows with prosperity Female
Udita One who has risen Female
Ujhala Light Female
Ujjwala/Ujvala Bright; Lighted Female
Ullupi Pretty face Female
Umika Goddess Parvati Female
Unma Joy Female
Unni Lead Female
Upada a gift Female
Upasana Worship Female
Upadhriti A ray Female
Urvi Earth Female
Urishita Firm Female
Urjita energetic Female
Urmika Small wave Female
Urmila Enchantress Female
Urvashi The Ganges, a star Female
Ushashi morning Female
Utpatti creation Female
Usra First light Female
Ushma heat Female
Utsavi Festivities Female
udayarani rising queen Female
ujayati conqueror Female
umangi khushi Female
unjali blessings Female
upala rock,gemstone,jewel Female
Ubika Growth Female
Uchimakali one of the Hindu God Female
udgati lord Siva Female
udipti on fire Female
udvahni brilliant Female
ujjvala radiant Female
ulka meteorite Female
unmada enchanting Female
unnika wave Female
upkosha treasure Female
ura heart Female
uravashi an angel Female
urmimala garland of waves Female
Ursula little bear Female
urvara fertile Female
urveen friend Female
Vini Rukmani; Dream Female
Vaani Guru’s Voice; Speech Female
Vaiga Goddess Parvati Female
Vajra Diamond Female
Valam Wealthy Female
Varsa Rain; Monsoon Female
Vedha Pious; Truth Female
Veena A Musical Instrument Female
Velli Silver Female
Venba Related to Thirukural Female
Venpa Poem; Classical Form Female
Venya God Gifted; Lovable Female
Vetri Victory Female
Vibha Sunshine Female
Vidhu Bright Female
Vidya Knowledge Female
Vincy Victory Female
Vadivu Expressed Female
Vagini Good Speaker Female
Vahini Flowing Female
Vaigai Great River in the Paandiyaa Kingdom Female
Vairam As Beautiful as a Diamond Female
Vakini One who Recites Female
Vamika Goddess Durga Female
Vamini The Other / Female Half of God Female
Vanaja Daughter of Forest; Forest Girl Female
Vanika Eloquent in Words; Sound Female
Vanita Woman; Graceful Lady Female
Varada Goddess Lakshmi Female
Varuni Wife of the Lord of the Sea Female
Vasana Good Smell; Pleasant Smell Female
Vasavi Wife of Indra Female
Vasuki Snake Female
Vayyam Earth Female
Vedika A River in India Female
Venuka Flute Female
Vidhya Wisdom; Knowledge Female
Vidita A Goddess Female
Vidula Moon; Planet Earth Female
Viksha Knowledge Female
Vishma Goddess Parvati Female
Viswas Trust Female
Viveka Conscience; Intelligent Female
Viyona Sky Female
Vrisha Cow Female
Vaanika Sita Female
Vaasuki Learned Female
Vadhana Face Female
wamaki Goddess Durga Female
wamil beautiful Female
Wakeeta Beautiful flower Female
warda rose,gaurdian Female
wisaal communication in love Female
waheeda beautiful,sole,single Female
wajeeha eminent,distinguished Female
yaadavi goddess durga Female
yaami path,progress Female
yaamini night Female
yachana entreaty,prayer Female
yadhana smile Female
yadva intelligence Female
yagavi bright Female
yagnitha worship Female
yahvi heaven,earth Female
yajata dignified Female
yajna worship Female
yalisai melodious Female
yamika night Female
yamurtha nice good one Female
yamura the moon Female
yamya night Female
yana slavic,a new birth Female
yanti goddess parvathi Female
yara bright light Female
yasasri glory Female
yasasvini victorious Female
yasaswi famous Female
yasha fame Female
yashawant with great fame Female
yashika success Female
yashila famous Female
yashmita famous or glorious Female
yashna to pray,white rose Female
yashneil famous,glorious Female
yashomati successful lady Female
yashritha blossom Female
yashasri cooperative Female
yashivy fame Female
yashwitha success Female
yasoda krishnas mother Female
yasodhara one who has achieved fame Female
yathartha truth Female
yatri traveller Female
yavana young,youth Female
yema our joy Female
yazhini yaz Female
yesasri Glorious Female
yeshna happiness Female
yochana thought Female
yogeeta enchanted Female
yogini one who control senses Female
yogita bewitched Female
yognya truth Female
yogasri good Female
yonita dove Female
yotshna light of moon Female
yugeshwari loose Female
yukasri fragrant Female
yuktatma self connected Female

Last Updated: 18th June, 2019.

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