Small Baby Images – (2019 Updated)

We have compiled 60 of the most beautiful small baby images that will make you go aww. From birth up until the first few years make for some one the most tender and intimate moments in the life of both the parents as well as the kids. In these moments, the parents are so sleep-deprived and exhausted that these moments seem to go by ablaze and before you know it your kids are all grown up. This is where photos help in, photos capture these delicate moments perfectly and let you cherish these moments for years to come.

We have carefully selected 60 of the most cutest small baby images and handwoven this list for you. All images shared on below are used with a Creative Commons Public Domain license and are free to download and use. So if you happen to like an image that makes your heart melt, feel free to download it and set it as your device background. We hope you enjoy the collection below.

Baby goes to sleep after a day of mischief with the most calm look on his face. Guess we know now where the saying ‘slept like a baby’ came from.

A very fashionable mom out by the ranch outside with the horses in the background as she holds her chubby cute little baby in her arms. The background mist makes a wonderful setting for this photo.

Cute little asian baby girl with her mother waves hello at you. The adorableness travel beyond any language or borders. She also has the deepest big black eyes you could be lost in forever.

A very young baby making for an intimate black and white photograph as he looks into the distant skies.

This is such an adorable pic. The baby’s happiness is contagious and you can feel it through the picture. The baby looks like a little angel and is struck with awe with all the beauty in the background.

Baby with adorable greenish blue eyes lays in it’s flower bed but still manages to look more beautiful than all the beauty of the flowers combined.

Young baby boy looks at the camera with a feeling of unease as his mom dresses him up. Looks ready to throw a tantrum.

Blonde mother and baby share a quiet moment together as the baby rests quietly against her embrace.

Small baby looks straight at the camera with his beautiful greyish blue eyes.

A very young baby yawns while being fast asleep. If you have never seen a newborn baby smile, trust us when we say it is one of the most beautiful and tender moments ever. Babies look even more cuter once they fall asleep.

Baby looks back into the camera as he rests on his mothers embrace. Those big dark eyes are worth to get lost in.

Young baby girl with luscious dark blonde hair as she plays on the mattress and wonders what shenanigan to pull off next.

Baby out in the playground with his mother on a bright and sunny day. Mother and baby exchange a laugh as the baby chews on her sunglasses.

Another baby enjoying a day out in the sand pit of her playground.

Young baby girl in her cute little pink hair bow flirts a mischievous naughty smile at the camera. Just brightens up your whole day.

Mom and young born baby share a precious moment together as they lay next to each other. Mom displays a content and happy smile as the baby looks at the new world with his deep big eyes.

Baby opens his christmas gifts dressed in Santa outfit completely naive to the fact that there is no better Christmas gift than he himself.

Chubby cheeked baby enjoys a day out in the sun and nature with him mom and pops.

Learning to take his first steps with the help of his parents.

Small baby lays in his tiny little cot bed.

Young adorable baby girl who we reckon would just be 3 or 4 years old, with impeccable skin, outfit, hair and a bow to go along with it.

Small baby chews on his fingers with the anticipation of devouring the fruit cake in front of him.

Adorable young baby shares an intimate bonding moment with her now elder sister.

Hands down our most favourite picture in the entire collection. They say a picture conveys a thousand words and this one surely does. From the baby’s curious expression to the world reflecting in his eyes, you cannot look at this image just once.

Adorable young little baby girl laughs and smiles at the people looking at her.

Young baby sleeping across his mother and by the looks of it demanding to be fed soon.

A very candid and personal photo of a just newborn baby in black and white.

Couple of pictures of mom and daughter out in the nature on a sunny day examining and exploring pebbles and rocks of all shapes and sizes.

Baby lays belly down on his soft sheets but with a laugh on his young little face.

Another great black and white photograph of mother and baby out in the nature.

Mother content with joy as baby curiously explores the surrounding nature around him with his eyes.

Twin babies enjoy a drink as they lay side to side.

Tiny little baby out on travel strapped to her mother’s back and adorable baby gear.

Few really pristine photos of collection which truly distils the purity and innocence on a newborn bay’s face. Need no words to describe these.

Small baby out with parents in triple matching outfits making for the perfect photo.

Young mother looks at the really small baby as the baby looks right back at her.

Baby boy enjoys fun day out with his mom in the nature out by the shore.

Baby shares a hearty laugh as he lays sideways and looks at the camera. We highly suspect one of the parent is making him laugh behind the camera.

Baby lays in deep sleep on his milky white bed with no worries in the world.

Small new born baby in midst of a deep slumber lost in his dreams. One of the most peaceful and calming things in this world.

Small baby in midst of ravishing a tasty cupcake.

Is she thinking “oh no!” or is she is in awe with the beauty of the nature around her. You tell us.

Baby sparks a million dollar smile at what can only believed to be his mother or father at the other end of the camera.

A couple of photos of a really young newborn baby with it’s parents as he lays calmly in sleep in his mother’s arms.

One of the most adorable naughty smiles to be captured on the camera by the baby’s parents. We can guarantee they will cherish and bring this image of their naughty baby’s evil smile up over and over again for years to come.

Small adorable baby in his adorable animal onesie.

Small baby girl learning to walk with her parents as she takes tiny baby steps along with mother and father. The look of awe and happiness as she looks up to them is priceless.

Young baby boy takes a photo of you and you take a photo of him.

Young baby boy smiles for the camera with a balloon in his hand. And with that we have reached the end of this post. We hope you enjoyed our collection of small baby images. We will make sure to update the post as and when we come across more amazing pictures. If you liked the post make sure to share and comment on it.

Last Updated: 2nd January, 2019.

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