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If you’re bored of seeing those same few generic stock of cute baby images repeatedly over and over again, we have got something new and refreshing for you. We present to you the finest cute baby images curated from all over the internet from the thousands of baby photos available for you.  Every single one of these baby pictures is bet to make you go awe with cuteness overload and steal your heart away.

With an equal share between baby boys pictures and baby girls pictures we have both the sides covered. You would be hard pressed to tell which gender looks cuter and pick a winner. We also have few adorabled twins images and some breathtakingly beautiful newborns! And not only that, we have got baby photos from all over the world of different babies from different ethnicity and different age groups.

All the pictures are in high resolution and are perfect for you to use as a wallpaper or a background too. If you are a soon-to-be-mother or someone who cannot resist adorable baby pics, you will love these photos. Feel free to go ahead and download any or all of the pictures in this post. All images are shared are high quality and shared under a Creative Commons Public Domain license and are free to download and use. Trust us these will make for some fantastic backgrounds and are guaranteed to brighten your day up. So what are you waiting for, dive straight right into the cutest baby pictures on the web.

If you’re an inquisitive mind, you too must have wondered at one point as to what makes baby cute. If you have asked yourself ‘How in the world are babies so cute!?’ then don’t worry you’re not the only one and we might as well have the answer to that question for you. Austrian biologist and ethologist Konrad Lorenz and his successor, Irenaus Eibl-Eibesfedlt have studied this in detail in research spanning over number of years and have a rough explanation behind this cuteness research.

Quoting as per their research here is what we find cute in babies and newborns:  “(a) large head relative to body size, rounded head; (b) large, protruding forehead; (c) large eyes relative to face, eyes below midline of head; (d) rounded, protruding cheeks; (e) rounded body shape; and (f) soft, elastic body surfaces.” and as to why we find these qualities to be cute, the closest theory we have is that we are hard-wired in our genes down to the DNA level to find these qualities cute. Unlike a lot of other species human babies need a lot of nurture before they can live independently and it is our undefinable love for their cuteness which makes us protect and care for them.

And this is not restricted just to the baby’s parents, who ofcourse find him cute and protect for him but also to strangers. Yes strangers irrespective of whether they are related to the baby or not, find a young little baby just as adorable and cute. Along with this, genetically mothers are also said to inherit special love for children and to nurture them. It is hard-wired into their DNAs and genes. This is precisely why a mother’s love for her children knows no bounds. And this is not restricted just to humans but to every other specie of animal as well.

Here is another fun trivia for you guys as you browse to cute baby pics, babies eyes when they are born are already the fullest size they will grow to as adults. This is why babies have such large and big beautiful eyes that you cannot stop getting lost into. A lot of individual involved in making drawings, animes and cartoons are aware of this and this is precisely the reason why cartoons and anime characters have disproportionately large eyes.

Let’s keep science away for a second now. If that was too heavy a dose of information for you, here are some baby pictures for you to enjoy. Love this adorable boy’s curly curly hair and those beautiful eyes. He sparks a million dollar laugh at the camera making things even better.

Babies love outdoors and exploring each element of the nature. It is both healthy and relaxing to them. Notice how babies cry significantly lesser when they are out playing by the greenery and shrubs? Maybe that’s natures call to bring them outside more. As young parents you will be exhausted from the lack of sleep, baby’s tantrums and diaper changes. So it would be great for you too to step out more often and relax by the nature. Just make sure he doesn’t put any rocks in his mouth, that’s all. You can see this little munchkin below enjoy the grass and leaves.

Mothers and babies share one of the most purest bonds of love ever. After carrying the baby in her belly for a gruelling nine months while her hormones run haywire is truly one of the toughest jobs in the world. There is no toy or trick than can comfort a baby faster than being embraced by it’s mother. The baby knows his mother will go above and beyond to protect and nurture him. Also not to mention the joy the baby will bring to the mother is unmatched and immeasurable.

Little baby cannot wait to devour the food in front of him prepared for his second birthday. Eagerly bites the spoon. Those big black eyes just melt your heart away.

Adorable baby wonders with a quizzical look at the camera as to why he is sitting in a pumpkin.

This is one of our most favorite and loved photograph from the entire collection. The cheerful baby girl with that tiara on her soft blonde hair just makes our heart melt. Her skin as white and fair as the sheet she is laying on.

Photographs of newborn babies are just so intimate and candid. They simply capture your heart everytime you look at them.

Adorable baby girl with a feathered tiara in her hair posing on her bed for multiple photographs and a cheerful smile.

Your babies life and your parenting journey will be marked by many important milestones. From his first words, to his first walking steps to his first days in the kindergarten. We hope you capture each of these moments on a photograph so that you can cherish these for the rest of your lives for generations to come. Below is such a moment where this chubby little munchkin learns to take his first few steps holding his mom and dad’s hands.

Baby girl with cute flower hair bow sparks smile full of mischief at the camera.

Baby girl looks up with gleeful hopeful eyes as she walks by the golden sunlight in the background.

Young adorable baby looks back at the camera as it lays on his mother’s shoulder making for a stunning black and white photograph.

Adorable picture of baby laying in his bed full of flowers looking at the world above with his beautiful greenish blue eyes.

Cute little baby girl with her soft animal toys and an equally adorable onesie outfit.

Babies laying deep in sleep makes for some of the most intimate and beautiful pictures. Makes sure to take a lot of pictures of your baby when he or she is asleep, ofcourse with the flash off. After a day full of mischief and shenanigans the babies sleep with the most calming and content of looks on their face. Their peaceful state is so contagious you will have a smile on your face just looking at them.

Don’t you want to full on this blue-eyed baby boy’s chubby cheeks? We do too!

Young girl poses for the camera with her beautiful pink hat and floral blue dress on.

We have reached the end of this beautiful collection of cute baby images. We hope you have enjoyed the album and if you have please make sure to share it with friends and family. There is absolutely no one who wouldn’t be delighted to receive some baby pictures to get lost in. We will make sure to update this post when we come across more new images.

Last updated 2nd January, 2019

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