Cute Baby Girl – (2019 Updated)

We have compiled the finest collection of cute baby girl photos for you to see. Maybe you are soon to be parents, maybe you’re looking for a new picture for your social media accounts or maybe you are someone who find young baby pictures adorable, don’t worry we have got you covered. Each of these pictures are so beautiful and tender they we assure you they will melt your heart right away.


Every soon-to-be-mother wishes for a cute baby girl just as much as she wishes for a baby boy. A lot of mothers would ideally like to have one baby boy and one baby girl like a best of both worlds so that they balance each others quirks and shenanigans growing up. This way she also gets to experience the difference in raising a boy versus a girl.

There is just something about the secret bond mothers share with their daughter that brings them so close to each other. A woman can always tell what is going on in another woman’s mind much easier than a man can tell. This make daughters bond much more closely with their mothers because it lets them share secrets with their mother that they cannot share with their dad. However, it has also always been traditionally believed mothers are emotionally more closer to their sons while a father is more emotionally closer to his daughter. We wonder which case is true.

We went ahead and curated some of the finest photos of young and cute babies. The photos capture some of the most important moments and milestones in your baby girl’s life. From those intimate moments when your new born baby’s first few days in this world, to her playing dress up, her taking her first steps to adorable tiara wearing princesses, photos capture them all.

You will be so exhausted raising her that these moments will breeze right in front of your eyes and you wouldn’t even realize when your baby girl grew up. It is necessary to capture these moments on film so that they can be cherished for years and years to come ahead.

The photos we have shared here are similar moments to the ones described above where the parents have carefully captured these finest of the moments and have decided to share these personal moments with the rest of the world. We hope you enjoy all the pictures and if you like them feel free to download and save them because all of them are free to be used and shared under the Creative Commons Public Domain license.

Babies have the most adorable look of peace and happiness when they finally go to sleep don’t they. And why wouldn’t they after a day full of mischief. Best life ever.

Baby girls usually have much more hair on their heads right from birth. The hair is the most softest silkiest hair ever.

Tiny little adorable Asian baby girls with the stereotypical jet black Asian hair styled into bangs. Makes every single one of them look just as adorable though.

Little baby looks back at the camera with dreamy eyes and a cute little hair bow. She knows right where the camera is and you can see her looking at it with her pretty blue eyes.

Baby girl enjoys her party and celebration sitting onĀ  top with a table with cute props in the background. +1 for the beautiful pink flowered tiara.

Adorable brown father-daughter duo. Love the hair game going on in this picture.

Adorable little baby girl with long flowing curled up tresses smile at the camera.

One of the most photogenic and prettiest photos from our entire collection. Young baby girl lays in green field as he sparks the most adorable look for the camera. Love her hairstyle too. Simply adorable.

You baby girl will prefer to keep her hair longer than most baby boys will once they get older. You can try all sort of crazy hairstyles and styling on their hair. Add a nice dress to the mix and you will have her looking like a queen.

Young baby girl smiles and gazes at the camera with her fancy dress on. Girls love the nature just as much the boys do so make sure to give them ample of time and space to play outdoors and explore the nature.

Adorable little baby girl sparks a hearty laugh as she smiles for camera while hanging upside-down.

It’s like tiaras and little baby girls are made for each other. As your daughter’s hair grows up, don’t go plain on the tiaras. Here are two cute baby girls sporting two different type of tiara/hair bows. Both managing to look absolutely heart-melting while doing so.

Young little baby girl sleeps in the deepest slumber on her pink bed just as pink as her skin. Love the eggplant cap too.

A fantastic black and white photograph of a baby girl sparking a teasing smile at the camera with her tongue out. This girl is bet to be full of mischief.

Mother kisses her young daughter on her forehead and little girl sits on her mom’s hips and arms.

Cute little girl crawling and playing around on her bed besides her friend.

Little girl crawls her way around the house. Shouldn’t be too far away when she walks her first steps.

Adorable little baby lies in her bed of flowers and looks at the world above with the deepest greenish blue eyes.

Young Indian girl celebrates the festival of Holi with her even younger baby brother in her arms.

Busy doing baby exercises. Baby girls get so many awesome dresses to dress up in and look pretty. No wonder baby boys get jealous.

Adorable black baby looks at the camera with the deepest pretty black eyes.

One of our most favorite pictures from this album. There’s something just so beautiful about a baby fast asleep. We also love the whole purple ensemble and those pink pink lips.

Young little baby girl cannot contain herself looking at the tasty red and white rose cake in front of her. She’s eager to ravish that cake all by herself.

We wonder if she is trying to climb up or eager to go outside. What do you think?

Little angel lays on her milky white sheets as she laughs cheerfully at the camera.

Two babies play outside by the open green pastures in their fancy English outfits.

A shocked baby girl expresses her big eyes at the camera. Those pink chubby cheeks are to die for.

We have reached the end of this post and we hoped you liked this collection. To finish things off, here’s a adorable little girl with skin as pink as her blanket and bed. We hope you enjoyed these photos and if you did, please make sure to share this post. We promise to update this post when we come across more beautiful baby girl photos.


Last updated: 6th March, 2019.

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