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Baby Krishna also known as ‘Bala Krishna’ in traditional sanskrit, played a very important in the Hindu mythology. Baby Krishna is the Lord Krishna’s infancy years of growing up as a child. Lord Krishna is one of the then avatars of Lord Vishnu, who is one of the penultimate Gods of Hinduism. Lord Krishna plays the quintessential role alongside Arjun in the battle of Mahabharata and the penning of the most sacred piece of the Hindu literature, the Bhagvad Gita.

Baby Krishna, however plays a less serious role in the Hindu mythology, an just as important and miraculous one but compared to the war fought later on, Baby Krishna is associated more with his mischief, his love for dairy products and his love for his mothers Devaki and Yashoda.

Baby Krishna’s real mother is Devaki but Kansa had ordered to kill every baby boy born in his kingdom to avoid his rulership power being overthrown later. Hence, he was swapped at birth from Devaki who was in a prison at that time and it was Yashoda who raised him in the city of Vrindavan. There are many tales and songs devoted to this tale of Baby Krishna’s birth giving mother and the second mother who raised him.

Growing up Baby Krishna was said to be full of mischief and said to trouble his mother as her maids, referred to as Gopis, to no avail. Both inside and outside of the house, his tales depict ten times the mischief created by an regular baby boy, so that’s saying something because we know how mischievous baby boys are growing up.

Baby Krishna has also always been said to have an unparalleled love for butter and other milk products growing up. He was notorious for stealing freshly churned butter i.e. the white butter you get from churning buttermilk. He was given a nickname of ‘maakhanchor’, maakhan meaning butter and chor meaning a thief. Ofcourse this was all said and done with a light-hearted humor and in no way was it considered bad.

It is due to this reason that it is common for Indian mothers to feed their kids heartily with homemade milk products like buttermilk or to add an extra spoon of Ghee to their foods. Although the West is slowly finding out that traditional ghee and butter is healthier to refined oils, in India homemade ghee and butter have always had a higher preference over factory made oils.

Baby Krishna images have also been made synonymous with milk product branding by a lot of Indian companies. Cows and baby Krishna can often be seen on the packaging of milk pouches or on dairy products’ labels in India.

It is also common for people to refer to nickname their child as baby Krishna when they act mischievous. However, it is meant in a positive way and you will also find the mother delighted over the fact that her son is addressed by the Lord’s name.

Hindu mothers in India also dress up their babies similar to Baby Krishna for fancy dress competitions but also for birthdays and festivals. Baby Krishna’s attire consists of a traditional yellow coloured robe tied around the waist known as dhoti, Indian ornaments, a small ornamental crown on the head with a peacock’s feather with it. This is usually accompanied by a flute in the hand, the Lord’s beloved musical instrument to play.

Baby Krishna’s birthday is celebrated every year all over Indian in one of the biggest festivals known as Janmashtami or Gokulashtami. It is celebrated as per the Hindu calendar in the month of Bhadrapada on the eight day of Krishna Paksha. It is a festival filled to the brim with joy, dance, drama, excitement and tasty delicacies. There are competitions held in every single nook and corner in every city and every single state in India where willing participants form huge human pyramids standing on top of each others shoulder, to climb and get the dahi handi tied at the top (yogurt in a pot made from earth and clay)

Baby Krishna being Lord Vishnu’s avatar is also said to possessed magical powers and have performed many supernatural feats outside the capability of common man. Few such tales include Baby Krishna holding a mountain on the tip of his pinky fingers for 7 consecutive days to save the people in his village to transforming himself to 16,108 identical bodies to killing demons or as known in Hindu literature as rakshasaas.

There are a lot of temples dedicated not only the fully grown Lord Krishna but also for Baby Krishna in his infancy. Below you can see the grand Krishna temple at Hampi. Each single one of these temples are so grand and intricately carved from giant rocks, they are guaranteed to take your breath away. The world famous organisation ISKCON also reveres and considers Lord Krishna as their God. You must have heard the name ISKCON quite a few times now but here’s a fun trivia, the name ISKCON is an abbreviation for ‘International Society For Krishna Consciousness’.

It is also common for Indians to engrave Lord Krishna’s face or his name in their gold ornaments or something auspicious and precious to them like when they buy a new house or the name for their new business venture. Below you can see a Baby Krishna antique made from pure gold.

If you are a soon-to-be mother, we hope your child grows up to be as handsome and as pretty as an re-incarnation of Baby Krishna. We hope you enjoyed these tidbits of information and all the Baby Krishna images and photos we shared. We will make sure to update this post with new images as an when we come across them. Till then make sure to share this post with friends and family.

Last Updated: 2nd January, 2019.

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